Social media helping Comic Con to grow

Published: Feb. 9, 2014 at 3:23 AM CST|Updated: Jun. 29, 2016 at 8:56 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) -- If you drove past the Morial Convention Center Saturday, you may have noticed some people decked out in costume! New Orleans' Comic Con is well underway in the city and attendees say the event is becoming more and more popular, thanks to social media.

It looks like a bit of a Halloween party in the Convention Center this weekend but it's actually a gathering of the most die-hard comic book fans around. Phillip Fleming, dressed as Thor, says, "I think it's great, I love it. I'm kind of a nerd myself and I don't mind dressing up and looking like a fool."

Among the colorful costumes, we spotted Wonder Woman and a flame princess from Adventure Time. The event draws thousands, from all over the world. Toronto resident Phil Godfrey explains, "We left Thursday after work, drove 24 hours straight to get here for Friday night. We're leaving after dinner tonight and driving 24 hours back to Toronto."

Some spent the day meeting celebrities from their favorite shows and movies growing up, others checked out artwork and of course, there were plenty of comic books on display, including a spider man collectible worth $40,000!

Jamie Graham owns the pricey piece. As a vendor, he says he's witnessed first-hand how this convention has continually grown in size. "It's bigger and better and the show size is better and the people, when I walked in this morning, the line went down the inside of the hall almost out the door," explained Graham.

He and others attribute a lot of the growth to social media. "I think that connectivity on the social media absolutely makes people more interested, coupled with the movies and the fact that it's in front of them every day, that's pretty exciting," said Graham.

Attendee Ann Drewry says, "I think it's a fantastic way to broadcast and network and it's a way to get the message out there that things like that are going on for people who enjoy certain activities."

Having the convention in New Orleans, doesn't hurt either. "With all the history as well as the, kind of cult and witches and vampires and the tradition that goes on here, this is a really good venue for having this," said David Bang.

Glowing reviews are a positive sign that this convention will thrive and bring lots of money to the Crescent City.

Comic Con is open again Sunday at the Convention Center from 11 to 5.

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