Remedy Room provides IV therapy for Mardi Gras hangovers

Published: Mar. 5, 2014 at 11:39 PM CST
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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Intravenous therapy is a new hangover cure option for Mardi Gras revelers.

When you need to be cured after a day (or five) of drinking, a Bloody Mary isn't always the most productive option. It's one reason why Dr. Mignonne Mary founded The Remedy Room, a boutique clinic with licensed nurses and physicians who use IVs to replenish fluids, vitamins and minerals.

"I live by it. I'll take it if I need it. It's just an easy way to make people feel better very quickly," said Mary.

"I made this appointment before Mardi Gras to come in and just get rehydrated and refreshed and feel better because it's a long carnival season," said hangover treatment customer Becca Fox.

Over the second Carnival week, Fox said she marched in Muses, enjoyed costume parties, and danced in second lines.

"Not enough water probably, and a little too much vodka," said Fox.

New Orleans EMS says marchers and band members fell victim to dehydration and exhaustion the most throughout Carnival. Spokeswoman Liz Belcher said those issues, on top of all other ailments and huge weekend crowds, created a record number of emergency calls on Endymion Saturday.

"So you have your cuts, your scrapes, your bruises, your bumps, all those normal things that happen just in normal life but are magnified at Mardi Gras," said Christine Mullarkey-Campbell, the deputy director for planning and readiness and Mardi Gras event chairman for Red Cross' South Louisiana Region.

Red Cross worked alongside New Orleans EMS to handle the volume of calls. Mullarkey-Campbell said they helped 140 additional people on Saturday alone.

"Especially with the good weather that we had at the start of the Mardi Gras season, there were a lot of people that had been out day after day after day. Something that was a minor incident on the first day, had kind of escalated on the second day," said Mullarkey-Campbell.

Dr. Mary said that's especially true for dehydration, which is why The Remedy Room is not just for hangovers but for preventative and wellness care, too.

She says they use the same sterile techniques, vitamins and prescriptions as a hospital or urgent care, "but we're saving them the cost of probably their co-pay and I think it costs close to $2,000 to go to an ER for something like this," said Mary.

It's $149 for an hour-long hangover treatment, and a cost customers said is completely worth it.

"This was the only thing I had planned today was to come here and then go to the airport and pick up my kids at 6 o'clock. So when my kids get home they will have a refreshed mother who can spent the rest of the weekend paying attention to them," said Fox.

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