Mid-City residents & businesses raising money to install crime cameras

Published: Apr. 14, 2014 at 12:41 AM CDT|Updated: Jun. 29, 2016 at 8:56 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Some Mid-City residents and businesses are spear-heading an effort to put more surveillance cameras up in crime hot spots. Neighbors say the cameras that have already gone up, are making a difference.

Just off Tulane Avenue near the interstate is a Mid-City neighborhood where residents say they're having an issue with crime. Bret Hubacek says, "We've had a lot of trouble with the corner store and people hanging out. I think there's illegal drug activity going on, prostitution, everything like that."

Concerned citizens reached out to the Mid-City Business Association for help. Two weeks ago, a Project NOLA crime camera was installed on the back of a business, facing the corner store. Hubacek says he's already noticed some changes saying, "A lot less activity on this street, it's been a lot quieter."

Josef Wright is the president of the business association. He says there are 25 to 50 cameras registered with Project NOLA, in Mid-City but after some recent crimes, he wants to see a whole lot more. "There was a shooting, four people were shot on South Alexander last week. There was a carjacking near Canal in broad daylight, Gulf Coast Bank was robbed and there was also a home invasion," said Wright.

Wright explains, "Usually if people are up to no good and they see a camera, they'll stay away."

The association is teaming up with area businesses to host fundraisers to pay for more cameras. Right now, they've got funding to buy cameras for a few spots around town, including Comiskey Park and the Children's Hospital clinic on Ulloa and Carrollton.

Each device costs about $300 dollars and Project NOLA monitors the footage, free of charge. "Not only does it make your house safer or your business but when a crime happens in one area, Project NOLA looks at all of the cameras in that whole area so if they don't get a picture of the criminal at the crime scene they may get them as they're leaving," said Wright.

Project NOLA makes all of their footage accessible to the NOPD.

For Bret Hubacek, having even just one camera in his neighborhood, provides added peace of mind. "When I go outside, it's a lot more pleasant," said Hubacek.

And that's exactly what Josef Wright and his group are aiming for.

This week's fundraiser will be held at Pearl Wine in the American Can Building. Twenty percent of all sales both Monday and Tuesday will be given to the Mid-City Business Association to purchase crime cameras.

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