Speed camera ban on interstates gets final passage

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Speed cameras and other automated speed enforcement devices will be prohibited on Louisiana's interstates, if Gov. Bobby Jindal agrees to the ban.

The Senate gave final passage to the proposal by Sulphur Rep. Mike Danahay, a Democrat, with a 37-0 vote Wednesday.

The House already had approved the measure. Danahay says a private company has approached municipalities to introduce speed cameras on interstate highways.

The method would use a hand-held device to record speeds, with violators sent tickets through the mail. At least one town in southwest Louisiana, the town of Welsh, had announced plans for such a program.

Critics of the programs say they don't give people due process rights and seem to prioritize generating income over public safety.

House Bill 896 can be found at www.legis.la.gov

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