OPP consent decree monitor hears personal accounts about jail conditions

A recent inmate and a former Orleans Sheriff's Deputy described conditions at Orleans Parish Prison in a discussion with a court-appointed consent decree monitor.

Several groups, including the Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition, held a meeting with monitor Susan McCampbell. McCampbell is one of six people charged with the task of studying current conditions at OPP and ensuring compliance with the consent decree.

One recent inmate talked about poor health care in the facility, while the relative of a current inmate talked about extremely unsanitary conditions in the tiers.

Meanwhile, former deputy, Bryan Collins, known as a whistleblower on some of the conditions inside the facility, spoke about deaths at OPP. Collins stressed his desire to see deeper investigations opened into these cases.

"Based on my experience, I know for a fact [that] some of these men that I know did not die for the reasons that were officially [reported]. They were beaten in jail," Collins said. "There is no statute of limitation on murder. So, the question is, can we as a community ever expect there to be any movement, any examination, any reopening of these qualified cold cases of homicide?"

McCampbell said her team, in place since October, has already delivered one report on OPP to the courts in February. She said the team is now scheduled to tour the facilities again next month, before preparing another report on the situation shortly thereafter.

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