FBI investigates 2nd armored car robbery Uptown in 7 months

Only seven months after an armed guard was killed during a robbery Uptown, the FBI has another holdup to investigate. This one happened in the 200 block of Broadway Monday morning and is described by a former FBI agent as "brazen."

In the middle of rush hour traffic, and in a somewhat secluded part of Uptown, someone was able to make off with a bag of money from a Dunbar armored truck. Former FBI Special Agent in Charge Jim Bernazzani describes the incident and gunman, saying, "Definitely brazen, most likely crazy because the odds weren't in his favor, but he pulled it off."

According to an FBI spokesperson, the armored car was stopped at a business at the Tulane University Square and was about to make its way to a second location in the square when the gunman approached. The robber forced his way into the armored car at gunpoint and made the guards drive the truck just a few blocks away, to Chestnut and Audubon Streets, near the river.

"I was here working, and I saw the armored car turn the corner and it looked like a brown Cherokee Jeep turned the corner behind him," said witness Harold Rochon.

The FBI said the gunman took a bag of money from the truck and fled on foot. Rochon wonders if he may have spotted the getaway vehicle saying.

"It just seemed strange that the Jeep turned the corner fast behind it, and like I say, 10 minutes later the police came and started asking me questions," Rochon said.

Bernazzani said in addition to canvassing the neighborhood for video, agents are using every resource at their fingertips to track down the gunman.

"They're running whatever information they have through known databases for identifiers to see if they can surface an individual," Bernazzani said.

Just before Christmas, three men held up a Loomis truck in the parking lot of Chase bank at Carrollton and Claiborne. Guard Hector Trochez was shot and killed during the robbery.

"To have two armored car heists in the Uptown area in a relatively short period of time is an anomaly," Bernazzani said.

While a spokesperson for the FBI tells FOX 8 there's no update on the search for Trochez's killers, Bernazzani said that doesn't mean the investigation isn't moving forward each and every day.

"One thing the FBI has is a long memory, and they're very, very dogged and they persevere and they will win," Bernazzani said.

The man involved in Monday morning's robbery is described by the FBI as African American, in his mid 20s to early 30s, about 6' tall with a slim build. He was seen wearing white gloves with a white garden-style hat. If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

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