Woman dies after ATV hit-and-run

For nine days, Tiffany Cola never left the side of her sister, Daphne.

Daphne, a mother of two children, was in a coma after being run over by an ATV just outside of the Mother-In-Law Lounge on N. Claiborne Avenue.

The two sisters were hanging out together on July 27 when both decided it was time to call it a night.

"It happened so fast. It was like as soon as she went out of the door. Somebody ran inside and grabbed me saying, 'it's your sister.' They couldn't even get it out," Tiffany Cola said.

The NOPD released surveillance video of the incident showing the crash. Cola said she ran outside to find Daphne underneath a parked car.

"He hit her so hard. He broke both of her shins. They broke her bones here and then knocked her under a car," Cola said.

Cola said she got down on the ground and began trying to communicate with Daphne. In the meantime, she said the man driving the ATV walked around the scene, looked at her sister and then took off on foot.

Minutes later, police arrived.

"She was out there by herself, lying on the ground for about two or three minutes. When the ambulance came, they didn't even have to tell me, she didn't have a pulse," Cola said.

Daphne was rushed to the hospital, where doctors eventually put her in a medically induced coma.

She died Tuesday afternoon.

Cola said even though Daphne was in a coma, she treasures those last few days they had together.

"I know she heard me. I know she heard me," Cola said.

ATVs are off-road vehicles and the NOPD says it's illegal and extremely dangerous for anyone to drive them on city streets. Police said they've gotten several complaints about the vehicles in the past few months.

Video found on YouTube shows several four-wheelers weaving in and out of traffic throughout New Orleans, even traveling in the wrong direction on a busy street.

"We're really concerned with that, and the department as a whole is constantly combating this problem and we are going to continue," said NOPD Lt. Anthony Micheu.

Cola is hoping what happened to her sister will be a wake-up call to anyone who decides to operate an ATV on the street.

She's also asking the person responsible to turn himself in.

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