Brazen criminals caught on video

Source: NOPD
Source: NOPD

A brazen gunman didn't seem to care around 3:45 Friday afternoon when surveillance cameras captured dramatic images of a shooting and fight on Rampart Street.

"As I was cleaning up across the street, we heard pop, pop, pop. Everybody went running," said a witness who works nearby.

The NOPD said it started when 29-year-old Ronald Davis attacked 23-year-old Michael Sanders. As the two were fighting, police said Davis' accomplice walked up with a pistol and started shooting at Sanders.

Sanders was struck in the leg, and police said he pulled out a gun and started shooting back, striking Davis in the leg. The two men were taken to the hospital, treated and then arrested.

Police are now looking for the man who fired first and the man who left the scene with him.

"You have several eyewitnesses outside. It's a busy street right by a bus stop. Something's got to be done about it," said Kenneth Scott.

"No matter how many police officers you have, sometimes they cannot predict what people's behaviors are going to be. I've said this many times, we have a culture of violence," said Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

Landrieu said it's about changing the mindset of criminals. He points to the number of extremely brazen acts of violence in the past.

"I can have 2,000 police officers on every corner, but if you have incidents like we had on Burgundy Street not long ago, and then the Brianna Allen shooting and so many others, it's a much deeper problem," he said.

"Early part of this year, a young man was shot right outside on the opposite side of the street," said Scott.

No one seemed surprised that the shooting happened in broad daylight with surveillance cameras lining nearby businesses. Instead, they agree more needs to be done to change the minds of the people committing the crimes.

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