How to Receive WVUE's Digital Signal with an Antenna

The best practice for receiving a DTV signal is to use an outside UHF antenna. An outdoor antenna should be the type that you remember seeing outside everyone's home from the 1950's, long elements in back and shorter elements in the front. The antenna is pointed like an arrow head with the short elements facing the TV tower that you want to receive. WVUE's transmission tower is located approximately Chalmette is 10 miles east of New Orleans.

Exact transmitter coordinates are : 29-57-14 N, 89-56-58 W. An indoor antenna is subject to multipath signals and digital will not work if multiple signals reach the TV receiver. An indoor antenna also will get 1/2 the signal level of an outdoor antenna. Many indoor antennas are marketed as HD or digital and have an amplifier built in. There is no such thing as a HD or digital antenna and most of these antennas are poor VHF antennas even when marked UHF/VHF. The built in amplifiers can do more harm than good and if you are using an amplifier you might try turning it off and see if the signal gets better. Amplified antennas can work okay in rural areas, but not too well in urban areas because interference is also amplified.

WVUE is operating on channel 29, a UHF channel. If you want to use an indoor antenna it may take much trial and error moving the antenna to different locations to get enough signal to work. After adjusting the antenna position, you must re-scan your TV tuner each time you move it. If you have rabbit ears they will usually work better than the more expensive indoor antennas. The best place for an indoor antenna is near a window or door facing our transmitter site.