Trending: A bizarre extra point and a hungry stingray

Published: Sep. 23, 2014 at 11:24 AM CDT
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Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

While you were sleeping, the Internet never stopped. Here's what's trending today.

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Extra-point is good

The extra point is good! A high school football game in South Dakota saw a rather unique kick.

A low snap resulted in a topped-ball from Dell Rapids High School's kicker. Luckily, his opponent's helmet was there to help the football over the crossbar.

Stingray climbs ramp for treat

And a visit from this stingray in Maldives seems more like an eerie alien encounter as it flaps out of water.

A hungry stingray climbs a man-made ramp for a treat from a man on the dock.

Peewee football team struggles to break through banner

And nothing can stop the Wallkill Mighty Mites... except this banner.

Everything about this video is adorable. The peewee football team, ages 6-7, struggles to break through their banner.

The uploader of the video states that the banner consisted of two pieces of vinyl held together by Velcro.

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