New signs remind drivers to 'Move Over'

New signs are popping up across the state of Louisiana to remind drivers of state law requirements and keep first responders safe.

Dozens of "Move Over for Emergency Vehicle" signs have been installed across the state. The highly visible signs have been strategically placed across the state to remind drivers not only of state laws, but also the importance of keeping first responders, emergency workers and stranded motorists safe along Louisiana's highways.

Since 2010, officials state traffic-related incidents of first responder injury or death have continued to rise. Traffic fatalities involving law enforcement officers in the United States have increased by 33 percent as compared to last year, state police say. More first responders are killed by traffic crashes than by any other line-of-duty cause.

"While Louisiana's Move Over law has been in effect for a number of years, these signs will bring increased awareness to the responsibility each driver has to keep both our emergency workers and citizens safe," Colonel Edmonson stated in a press release.

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