Group rescues dog that survived eating twigs and rocks

Published: Oct. 21, 2014 at 11:26 PM CDT|Updated: Oct. 21, 2014 at 11:28 PM CDT
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Some local animal lovers rushed a dog across at least six parishes and rescued him from certain death. Alex's image showed up on a website emaciated and sick. It was as enough to move workers at an uptown animal hospital to action.

"How he is still alive at this point is pretty much a miracle," said Deanna Theis who is assistant director of the Southern Animal Foundation.

She says that it is the only public veterinary clinic in the New Orleans that is a full service non-profit service to the public and also a no kill rescue organization. Theis saw a picture of Alex the dog on Vermillion Parish's Rabies Animal Control Facebook page.

"He was extremely close to death. If they're not pulled by rescues they're euthanized," she said.

He was listed as a Pointer, but Alex is a Weimaraner. The German breed of dog is known for hunting and is robust when healthy.

Alex was weak and frail.

"Severe neglect and starvation, that's what we saw in the picture. It was a terrified emaciated dog that needed help fast," Theis said.

Alex's stomach x-ray when he arrived at the Southern Animal Foundation showed rocks and twigs in his stomach. The dog was desperate for food.

"When we got Alex we tried to slowly add nutrition but I think we were over zealous and added to much. So his stomach bloated on us and flipped," said Dr. Christine Whatley.

An emergency surgery took care of the very dangerous condition.

Alex is about 43 pounds and gaining weight will be a slow process. He's on a special prescription diet.

"We will be looking for a home for him. He's not totally ready to go yet because of his condition, but we will be looking for a home," Theis said.

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