Marrero girl sings on a plane, flies high on the Internet

Marrero girl sings on a plane, flies high on the Internet

The video of a 12-year-old Marrero girl singing on a Southwest flight has gone viral, with tens of thousands of views in just a few days.

Mia Kylie Ditta has been singing all her life, but the video has brought her voice to the world.

Mia sang last week on a plane headed to Arlington, Texas  and her dad recorded it on his cell phone. A flight attendant started the concert when she found out about the young passenger's talent.

"She said why are you going to Dallas?" said Mia. " I said I was singing at Six Flags and she said, 'would you like to sing on the plane?'"

Mia said everyone clapped and told her thank you for performing.

"I've been singing and dancing since I can remember. It started off singing Karaoke with my dad at our house, and from there it kind of evolved," she said.

She remembers baby videos where she'd dance the whole song and hit the high note at the end.

From dance to musical theater, Mia has grown up performing. She started voice lessons and met a national talent coach. That led to gigs at Six Flags and beyond.

"From sports to singing, whatever she does she puts in 150 percent," said her dad, Jimmie Ditta.

Her mother says when she was small she always grew a crowd.

"Whether she was talking to children or to adults, she always had a great response from people," said Meiko Ditta.

That's why her performance on the plane led to an encore in the airport.

"There were hundreds of people out there watching - it was amazing," she said.

"My mom was in tears, and I was in tears, not just from me singing but such a lovely experience," Mia said.

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