HANO turns over abandoned child report to NOPD

Published: Feb. 11, 2015 at 3:07 AM CST|Updated: Feb. 11, 2015 at 3:47 AM CST
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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - HANO police have now finished their investigation into the abandonment of a child on a school bus last week, and have turned it over to the NOPD.

Six-year-old Demonte Beasley still has vivid memories of what happened after his bus driver left him behind. Demonte and the security guard who found him wandering on Desire Street Feb. 2 say two women in a red car tried to pick him up before the guard spotted him and called police.

"The security guard was right by the car, and the guard told me to come over there," Demonte said.

Demonte was alone on the desolate street for nearly an hour before being picked up by HANO police, who investigated whether there was any wrongdoing. That report has now been handed over to the NOPD.

"I just want someone to contact me, I don't care who handles it, as long as it's handled properly," said Porcha Beasley, the boy's mother. "I was scared, crying, upset. That's my child."

Demonte was asleep in the third seat of a BCH Services bus when the bus monitor escorted a dozen other students off the vehicle because it had a steering problem. The report says the driver, Fabieyoun Walker, stated that she did not see Demonte and could not confirm that he was transferred to the other bus.

"I'm loading the kids in the new bus, she should have said let me check this bus," said bus monitor Michelle Walker."It's your job. Either the driver or the monitor should have saw him."

Demonte attends Lagniappe Academies, which is in the process of finding a new bus company. Sources say Walker has been removed, but the child's family has more concerns.

"I don't understand to how they could have lost a child, or what the policy was behind it," Beasley said.

The HANO report does not get into the driver's record. It does say that a camera was on board the bus, but a tape of the incident was missing. Officials with BCH have turned down repeated requests for interviews.

The report indicates that one officer called the incident an honest mistake, but a source tells FOX 8 that the NOPD has now begun a child abuse investigation.

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