Back to business for West Coast ports

(WVUE/FOX) - Workers are back on the job at 29 Ports on the west coast following a nine month dispute between shipping companies and unionized workers at the docks. A tentative deal was reached over the weekend averting a shutdown that could have cost the U-S economy two billion dollars a day.

During the dispute goods destined for consumers across the country and customers outside the U-S sat idle in containers at the ports; some of them rotting on the docks.

"It's a good agreement, it's going to work for both sides. It's going to help workers and communities. And it's going to help customers get the containers they've been waiting way to long for because the ports have been closed so often," said Union Representative Craig Merrilees.

U-S Secretary of Labor Tom Perez helped mediate the conflict. The west coast ports bring in one trillion dollars of cargo each year. They're also responsible for more than a third of all U-S international trade.

Despite the tentative deal some seafood supplier expressed frustration. "We would have liked to have seen certainly more negotiation cordiality months ago not weeks ago,." said Bob Simon Nova Fisheries.

Members of the union must still ratify the contract. The ratification of the deal is expected to happen in the coming days.

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