Is a new class of drugs the Fountain of Youth?

Is a new class of drugs the Fountain of Youth?

(WVUE/FOX) - Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have discovered a new class of drugs that could reduce the effects of aging. They've named the drug class Senolytics.

Researchers say they may reverse frailty and improve cardiac health and longevity. So far, they seen positive results in studies on mice.

Lead author Dr. James Kirkland from the Mayo Clinic says the key is the ability to delay disease.

"We know that aging is the biggest risk factor for most of the chronic diseases that account for the bulk of illness in society and the bulk of people who have to go into hospital and to die," Kirkland said. "And so we recognized for some time that aging dwarfs the other risk factors but we have not been able to target the aging process and the notion is if we can target them maybe we can delay the diseases."

The findings appear in the journal "Aging Cell."

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