Dead dolphin seems to be covered in oil near Grand Isle

Dead dolphin seems to be covered in oil near Grand Isle

GRAND ISLE, LA (WVUE) - A dolphin seemingly covered in oil reportedly was found by a family visiting Elmer's Island over the weekend.

Brian St. Amant was at the beach with his wife and kids when he came across the dead dolphin washed up on the beach.

"I took a stick and wiped what was on the fish, it looked oily-based to me, and I smelled it and it smelled like oil," said St. Amant.

St. Amant's wife then found multiple tar balls on the beach just feet away from where their children were playing.

"When she got them she said look at these cool rocks, and I grabbed them and said, rocks don't bend like that, and then I opened it up and look, you smell it, it smells like tar, it smells like petroleum," said St. Amant.

It's unclear whether the dolphin was killed by oil or just covered in what looks to be oil after it died, but leaders in Grand Isle are taking notice of the shocking discovery.

"That was just a shame to see what this poor dolphin went through for the last five years, and we're picking up tar balls on the beach every day and we're picking them up all along and we're monitoring it as we speak," said Mayor David Camardelle.

Now Mayor Camardelle hopes BP can take a bigger role in monitoring for oil as the town of Grand Isle works to get ready for their most prosperous season, Summer.

"It's like I've got to babysit them all the time, and we're getting ready for summer, for people to come, and as far as myself and the council we're making sure that the beach is clean and we're watching it, monitoring it every day," said Camardelle.

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