Jefferson Parish mosquito spraying

Jefferson Parish fights mosquitos from the ground and sky

JEFFERSON PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Recent rain and extremely hot temperatures are the perfect combination for breeding mosquitoes.

To combat the pesky problem, Jefferson Parish will spraying thousands of acres by air Saturday night.

"We're sort of concentrating on those mosquitoes that could potentially transmit diseases such as West Nile and other Encephalitis diseases, but we're also hitting areas that have a increase in the general population," Steve Pavlovich said.

Steve Pavlovich with Jefferson Parish Mosquito Control Services says the population of mosquitoes is actually lower this year compared to the same time last year.

Still, he says the areas that border the marsh, near Westwego, Kenner and Lafitte have seen more mosquitoes than other places.

"We're getting into that season now of Encephalitis peak activity, and as a result of that we're more concerned about the possibility of transmission both in the animal population and humans," Pavlovich said.

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals say two patients showed signs of West Nile so far this year.

Mosquito control has divided Jefferson Parish into zones and constantly conducts tests in those areas.

The tests are conducted daily.

Typically, the Southern House Mosquito and Asian Tiger Mosquito have the potential to transmit diseases.

Even while Jefferson Parish uses a plane and several trucks to spray throughout the area, there are things you can do to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

"Any container that is as small as a bottle cap of water can produce mosquitoes, so they need to be emptied," Pavlovich said.

The state reported more than 60 cases of West Nile last year.

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