Police Monitor issues report on NOPD fatal shooting of Wendell Allen

Police Monitor issues report on NOPD fatal shooting of Wendell Allen

CHALMETTE, LA (WVUE) - In a report released Tuesday (Aug. 4), the Independent Police Monitor says New Orleans police botched a drug raid and investigation into a fatal police shooting.

Nearly three years ago, officer Josh Colclough killed 20-year-old Wendell Allen in his home while executing a marijuana search warrant. Allen's family members hugged IPM Susan Hutson just minutes after she released the report.

Among the finding were that police didn't announce themselves before going into the Prentiss Avenue home in which there were six children under the age of 14. The report also says that no one told Allen to halt or get down before Colclough fatally shot him as he stood at the top of the stairs.

"It's really hard. You wish your child was here, and then a report comes out saying he was killed for nothing," said Natasha Allen, the victim's mother.

The report found that several officers lied to investigators and that lead NOPD investigator Sgt. Bruce Glaudi allegedly had "confirmation bias."

"One of our main findings was that NOPD investigators searched for information that confirmed their pre-existing beliefs," Hutson said.

The city issued a response saying, in part, that all officers have been retrained on the execution of warrants. NOPD Police Chief Michael Harrison said his department has implemented significant reforms, and that the Public Integrity investigation didn't reveal any criminal violations.

Still, the Allen family isn't satisfied.

"One officer gave a consistent statement, others were  inconsistent, we are just learning of this today. And you wonder why families don't come forward - this is why," said Lon Burns, the attorney for the Allen family.

"Three years ago I go through this, and then find out police are trying to get my son on attempted murder of an officer. It's wrong," Natasha Allen said.

The city says several officers testified that verbal warnings were given before the door to the Allen home was forced open. The city also disputes a police monitor finding that police investigators deliberately ignored video evidence of the shooting.

The Allen family has filed a federal lawsuit against the city and the NOPD and is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate.

Colclough has admitted to killing Allen. He has been serving time in prison but will go to court Wednesday (Aug.5) to request a reduction of his four-year sentence.

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