Underwater 'flying spaghetti monster' caught on video

Underwater 'flying spaghetti monster' caught on video

(WVUE) - A rover captured video of an unusual-looking sea creature nearly 4,000 feet underwater.

The rover, piloted by BP, was undergoing routine operations near an oil well off the coast of Angola, Africa when they spotted the bizarre creature.

They nicknamed it the "flying spaghetti monster" after the satirical deity it resembles.

Stumped as to what they were seeing, BP officials passed the video footage along to deep-sea animal researchers.

Researchers identified the creature as a siphonophore, a group of aquatic animals that include corals and jellyfish. Specimens up to 40 meters long have been found, making them among the world's longest animals, according to New Scientist.

While siphonosphores appear to be one organism, scientists say they're actually a colony composed of many individual organisms.

Mobile users can view video of the creature here.

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