Corp moves to daily inspection of levees as river swells

Authorities ramp up levee inspections amid rising river concerns

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Officials are urging residents to keep an eye out for any seepage along the dozens of miles of levees in and around New Orleans.

They are also stepping up their own inspections. On Wednesday, they will go to daily inspections of both sides of the levees, a process that takes about six hours.

Pile-driving and construction is now prohibited within 1,500 feet of levees due to concerns about vibration. Officials say this year's high river event is unusual.

"The obvious difference is this high river is being caused by heavy rainfall in January as opposed to snow melt in spring," said Bob Turner with the SELA Flood Authority.

Sightseers have been coming out to witness the impact. Officials urge anyone who notices seepage or any levee problem to call 911 or their local flood authority.

In the meantime, the Corps is ready to open the Bonne Carre Spillway if needed to relieve the swollen river and protect metro New Orleans.

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