SculpSure promises to melt away the fat

SculpSure promises to melt away the fat

(WVUE/FOX) - A brand new body contouring treatment promises to permanently melt away the fat. The only cosmetic surgeon in the metro New Orleans area to offer SculpSure says the non-invasive procedure takes less time than most people's lunch break.

Dr. Robert Benson at QnA Cosmetic Surgery says many of us have that certain area of our body where we gain weight first and lose it last.

"Which really amounts to an extra amount of fat cells in an area. It could be the abdomen, love handles, or the thighs on women," Benson said. "With guys, it's most often the abdomen, love handles and pecs. They have what we sometimes call man boobs and they can't stand that."

Benson, said those extra fat cells that you can't exercise away are genetic. Erica Owen knows all too well.

"And for women, we have children and there are certain areas you can work out and diet, and it just stays there," she said.

She's a full-time registered nurse and mother of two. Her bothersome area is a little pooch that appeared after two C-sections.

So when she heard about SculpSure, Owen decided to give it a try.

"It's absolutely brand new. We have for the first time laser technology," Benson said. "Ultrasounds have been tried, radio frequency has been tried but there's been no way to deliver enough energy to permanently destroy fat cells, until now."

Here's how SculpSure works. Laser applicators are placed on top of the area being treated. The machine then goes to work for 25 minutes delivering warm and cool blasts.

"The laser is tuned so that it bypasses the skin and it penetrates over an inch into the fat layer and destroys 25 percent of the fat cells," Benson said. "The laser energy vaporizes the fat and kills the fat cells."

Just 25 minutes, no needles, no discomfort and zero down-time. The before and after pictures show the transformations. For most patients, even with little weight loss, the change is pretty visible.

"We all know that when we look better, we feel better," Benson said. "Psychological studies bear that out. Relationships are better, confidence is better and honestly, in this day and age, appearance now means opportunity."

Benson said patients usually see some shrinkage and tightening within about two weeks, but the final results kick in around eight to 12 weeks.

"It's basically Star Trek technology that we're getting to now, where you can walk in, lay down for 25 minutes and then two months later, the areas treated have shrunken down and the fat is diminished," Benson said.

Owen is looking forward to the results.

"I think anything, any little bit of improvement would be nice, even if it's just a little flatter," Owen said. "I'm not expecting to walk out with supermodel abs for sure."

She said for the first time in years, she's finally looking forward to swimsuit season.

"Depending on how this looks, I might start migrating back towards the bikini after this," Owen said.

SculpSure is FDA approved. The cost is between $500 and $1700, depending on how many areas and how many of the laser pads are used.

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