Search and rescue efforts continue at Sugar Mill RV park

Search and rescue efforts continue at Sugar Mill RV park

CONVENT, LA (WVUE) - Search and rescue efforts continue at the Sugar Mill RV Park where a tornado left a path of destruction.

There were more than 100 RVs and travel trailers on the property. Nearly all of them were ripped apart and tossed around like tin cans.

A lot of these trailers were inhabited at the time because a lot of people who live in the complex, were off work yesterday.

As of now, two people are confirmed dead. St. James Parish Sheriff Willy Martin says 31 people are hurt.

Seven people are in critical condition. Some of those injuries are life-threatening.

In the moments after this tornado ripped through emergency personnel begin arriving. The sheriff described a scene of people hurt, wandering all around.

Some were taken to area hospitals by ambulance. Others used private vehicles to get to the hospital.

Because of that, it's not clear how many people, if any, are still missing.

The sheriff says he was never able to get a true count of how many people were actually in the park when it happened.

At this point, there's a possibility two or three people who are still missing.

You kid a badge in the amount of displaced people in this RV park.

The Red Cross has set up a shelter in St. James Parish.

Governor John Bel Edwards visited the site last night around 9 p.m. He described the scene as a jumbled mess.

Officials allowed the media to walk through the park to really get a sense of the sheer destruction caused by this tornado.

Debris was visible everywhere. Trailers picked up and tossed down the road, many of them in pieces all over the place. Vehicles were crushed and smashed.

Edwards said last night, it's a minor miracle that more people didn't lose their lives.

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