Killer convicted in Easter 2011 Old Jefferson killing

Killer convicted in Easter 2011 Old Jefferson killing

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Convicted killer Jacoby Maize was sentenced on Monday to life in prison plus 55 years, for killing Justin Hendricks Jr. in his Old Jefferson home the day after Easter 2011.

Maize, 38, of Kenner, was convicted of second-degree murder. He killed Hendricks' in his home in the 100 block of Maine Street.

Maize pistol whipped Hendricks' his wife in his home. He later returned to the house later and shot Hendricks once in the hip, leaving him to bleed to death.

He then set fire to the home. Firefighters found Hendricks' body the following day when extinguishing the fire set to conceal evidence of his crime.

"For five years, I have waited for this day," Dr. Justin Hendricks Sr. testified. "The Lord has answered my prayers. For five years I've waited to lay eyes on my son's murderer: You. I have finally gotten justice."

A press release from the Jefferson Parish District Attorney's office said Maize "chuckled and continued smiling" during the victim impact statement.

Dr. Hendricks said his son "did the unthinkable" by calling 911, in that others did not stand up to Maize. "Did he think his life was in peril? Yes," Dr. Hendricks testified. "But he did it anyway."

During his trial, Maize accused his wife of being the killer and the arsonist. He asserted that Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office detectives, his wife and other witnesses falsely accused him of committing the seven crimes for which he stood trial.

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