Court mum on details about in Walter Reed case

Court mum on details about in Walter Reed case

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A judge cleared a courtroom during a hearing for a former North Shore district attorney to discuss a dating website.

Walter Reed is accused of spending tens of thousands of dollars in campaign money on personal items like flowers, dinners and funneling payments to his son, Steven.

During this morning's hearing in federal court, defense attorneys for both men argued to suppress evidence in the case.

As the judge cleared the room, an attorney for the Times-Picayune objected, arguing the public has a right to hear about matters related to That is a dating site that bills itself as a place for women who want to date wealthy men.

But the judge kept the matter sealed, saying he wants to make sure there is a fair trial. It is unclear how the website is connected to the Reed case.

Walter Reed is scheduled to go to trial this month. He is at the center of our investigative series Downfall of a Dynasty.

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