Anonymous donor gives father of 6 a second chance at life

Father of 6 gets new kidney

COVINGTON, LA (WVUE) - A North shore father of 6 gets a second chance at life thanks to a complete stranger.

Darin Tassin was in bad shape last December. He was in kidney failure and dialysis was the only thing keeping him alive.

Tassin's wife, Danielle, told us then that things might not get better for him for a decade. "We basically got the news that it could take up to 10 years to get a transplant by the list," she said.

Tassin's wife knew they couldn't wait that long so she came up with a clever way to get the word out that they needed help saving Darin's life. She turned to social media and even converted the family car into a moving billboard. You may have even seen it around town. Their message was to the point: "DAD OF 6 NEEDS KIDNEY."

That message was effective.

An anonymous donor gave Darin one of her kidneys.

"She is a remarkable person, she has done this out of just pure love and wanting to help somebody," Danielle said.

Darin had the transplant last week and is doing well. "Everything so far has been going great, it depends on how well the kidney works and I was told I got a really good one from her, so, I have heard of kidneys lasting 40 years," Darin said.

Years that Tassin, his wife and their 6 children can now look forward to. "Hopefully it means I'll be around a lot longer," Darin said. "I'd like to see all my kids grow up and get married and I'd like to have grand kids for myself."

Darin and his wife haven't met the anonymous donor but they have met her family. They're told she is a single mother who didn't want Danielle to have to raise their 6 children alone.

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