MEDICAL WASTE: Bills to watch in the Louisiana Legislature

MEDICAL WASTE: Bills to watch in the Louisiana Legislature

Healthcare issues always generate a lot of legislation in Baton Rouge. Here are a few key bills to watch in the 2016 regular session - as well as the House and Senate committees that will be considering these measures for passage.

DRUGS/PRESCRIPTION: "Requires educational or marketing materials for prescription drugs directed to healthcare providers to include price information"

IN A NUTSHELL: This bill basically would allow doctors to know the price/cost of a medication when they prescribe it.

WHO'S CONSIDERING IT: House Health & Welfare Committee (links to committee member list, contact info)

INSURANCE CLAIMS: "Prohibits certain claims fees assessed by health insurers or pharmacy benefit managers"

IN A NUTSHELL: This legislation would prohibit DIR fees - fees that are charged to pharmacists months after they have filled prescription.

WHO'S CONSIDERING IT: Passed by House and Senate, and signed into law by Gov. Edwards. Takes effect August 1, 2016

HEALTH CARE: "Provides for alternative options to prescription drugs."

IN A NUTSHELL: This bill somewhat impacts prescription drug cost clawbacks. It would allow the pharmacist to tell customers about cheaper alternatives; right now they can't volunteer that information, but the customer must ask for it first.

WHO'S CONSIDERING IT: Passed without opposition in both chambers and headed to the governor's desk. Would take effect Jan. 1, 2017.

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