Agent says Bryce Dejean-Jones thought he was entering girlfriend's apartment when shot

Agent says Bryce Dejean-Jones thought he was entering girlfriend's apartment when shot

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A New Orleans Pelicans player is fatally shot in Dallas after breaking into an apartment, that's according to police there. Bryce Dejean-Jones died early Saturday morning at a Dallas area hospital.

Police say someone shot the 23 year old in the stomach early Saturday. Police scanner audio, obtained by FOX 8, details what happened.

A 911 dispatcher can be heard on the tape saying, "Active shooter on foot, complainant states he fired two shots through his door."

Police say a resident living at the Camden Belmont apartment complex woke up around three Saturday morning to the sound of someone breaking into his place. The resident grabbed a handgun and told investigators he then called out to the individual but heard no answer. The individual kicked the bedroom door, then the resident fired. Police say the man hit, Dejean-Jones, attempted to flee the building.

"Supposed to be a trail of blood going toward the lobby," the 911 dispatcher commented.

A manager at Camden Belmont sent an email to all residents saying the individual attempted to break into an apartment of an estranged acquaintance but inadvertently broke into the wrong unit.

Dejean-Jones' agent says the Pelicans guard was in Dallas to visit his girlfriend for his daughter's first birthday. Scott Nichols says the girlfriend had just moved into the Camden Belmont and it was Dejean-Jones' first trip there. He adds later that night, he went for a walk while his girlfriend went back to the apartment. Nichols says Dejean-Jones got lost and went to the apartment directly below hers, on the third floor, instead of the fourth. Nichols goes on to say the Pelicans player banged on the door, thinking his girlfriend locked him out, then, he got shot.

Waking up to the news Saturday morning, neighbors were surprised to hear it was an NBA player killed in the shooting.

"That's crazy, that was not shared with us. That's shocking," one resident said.

The resident who shot Dejean-Jones told a 911 dispatcher he feared for his safety and used a Colt 45 pistol in the shooting.

CNN reports police haven't said if any charges will be filed against the shooter.


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