Grandmother of deputy's accused killer: 'He's just not that type of child'

"He's just not that type of child," deputy shooting suspect's grandmother speaks out

HARVEY, LA (WVUE) - "Once the officer sat at the table and told me there was an incident on Manhattan. I just put two and two together," Yvette Neveaux said.

Neveaux's grandson, Jerman Neveaux, is accused of killing Jefferson Parish Detective David Michel Jr.

"It's cold-blooded murder," Sheriff Newell Normand said at a news conference following the killing.

Normand said Neveaux shot the deputy three times in the back Wednesday afternoon during a search.

"When we arrested Neveaux, he admitted to it," Normand said. "One of the statements he made in his demented way of justification is that he knew he was on probation, and he didn't want to go to jail for possession of the weapon. So he killed the deputy," Normand said.

Neveaux's grandmother said she's numb.

"I know this is not my grandchild's doing. I just know it in my heart. He's just not that type of child," Yvette Neveaux said.

She said the 19-year-old has ADHD and is very childlike. She said she didn't like the crowd her grandson was hanging around, and she encouraged him to get a job. She believes he was walking along Manhattan because she sent him there to look for a job when Detective Michel stopped him.

"He went in an area I told him to go because there's all kinds of fast food restaurants there that's looking for kids that don't mind working. I think that I sent him to the wrong area," she said.

Normand said Deputy Michel stopped Neveaux because he was acting nervous and appeared to be following another man.

"As far as them stopping him, yeah. I could see them stopping him, but for them to say he did what he did, no. I don't see that. He's not capable of doing anything like that," Yvette Neveaux said.

She believes her grandson was with someone else when he was stopped, and it may have been the other person who fired the shots that killed the deputy.

Sheriff Normand, though, said the gun used to shoot the deputy was found in Neveaux's possession when he was arrested. He also said five witnesses positively identified Neveaux as the shooter.

His grandmother said no matter what, she has great sympathy for the deputy's family.

"Because no one should take anyone's life, and I just want his family to know that I do feel their pain," she said.

Neveaux has four charges against him, including first-degree murder. He's being held without bond.

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