Flooded car? Here's what you need to know about insurance coverage

Insurance agent explains what to do if your car is flooded

(WVUE) - Damage from the floods is not limited to houses. Many cars are waterlogged, as well.

For cars caught in floodwater, damage can be extensive and expensive.

"You could face the possibility of the vehicle being totaled, especially if it got high enough to affect the electrical," said independent insurance agent Dan Burkhardt

Burkhardt explains how a basic auto insurance policy works.

"Full coverage is broken up into collision, comprehensive," he said.

Typical collision coverage will reimburse drivers for damage in an accident on the road.

"Comprehensive is water damage, vandalism, fire and theft," Burkhardt said.

If your car has water damage from floods, Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon recommends contacting your insurance agent as quickly as possible to get the claims process started and get your repairs paid for.
He says even if you're making loan payments on your car, you're covered.

"If you have comprehensive coverage, you will be paid for your loss," Donelon said. "And if you have a loan on your car, the lender requires that you have comprehensive coverage."

But Burkhardt said some drivers without loans are out of luck because they dropped portions of their comprehensive coverage.

"A lot of calls we'll get is, can I get rid of, now that the car is paid off, my physical damage and save that money," he said. "We never suggest anyone reduce or remove coverage, especially in this area, with constant flooding. We're surrounded by water.

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