NOPD gets new tools to patrol downtown area

NOPD gets new tools to patrol downtown area

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The Downtown Development District and New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison unveiled new public safety resources for the downtown area.

The DDD says downtown is one of the safest parts of the city and says it's always useful to continue to enhance public safety.

Today the agency donated a new car to the NOPD and the chief showed off another new crime fighting tool.

A new vehicle will be used by off-duty NOPD officers who work paid details in the downtown area. This will add to what the Eighth Police District already provides in the downtown area.

The DDD says its goal is to make people who live and work downtown feel as safe as possible.

"This is an important partnership for us and by us donating this vehicle to the city for use by our detail officers it creates more visibility for both NOPD and for the DDD so that the citizens, the stakeholders downtown can see their tax dollars at work," said Kurt Weigle, of the DDD.

"This is not the first vehicle they've donated, so once again they're donating a brand new vehicle which adds to our resources," Harrison said.

"It adds to visibility, it adds to all of the things we need to make the downtown district and all of downtown safe," Harrison said.

There is also a new hi-definition camera purchased through Homeland Security. The NOPD currently has six.

The cameras are mobile and can be moved during other special event locations and can be viewed from computers or smart phones.

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