FOX 8 Defenders: Voter registration deadline nears

FOX 8 Defenders: Voter registration deadline nears

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - In less than six weeks, we'll know the nation's next president. From voter registration to displaced voters after the recent floods in Louisiana, the FOX 8 Defenders share some important election information.

The final stretch of the 2016 presidential campaign trail is just about here for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and in Louisiana, if you're not registered to vote, the deadline is Oct. 11, 30 days before Election Day.

The Louisiana Secretary of State's office details all you need to know.  You can register in person, online or by mail or fax.

In the wake of recent historic flooding, thousands of already registered voters may be displaced from the homes where they're registered to vote. You can remain registered at your pre-emergency address if you haven't changed your registration address or filed a homestead exemption somewhere else. Just provide a mailing address if it's different from your pre-emergency address, to your registrar of voters.

Looking to vote early? You can do so between Oct. 25 and Nov. 1.

It's not just the race for the White House people will weigh in on in a few weeks. We pulled up precinct one in Jefferson Parish for a sample ballot. People who live there will also decide on a new U.S. senator, the state's first congressional district and Kenner mayor among other items on the ballot, including constitutional amendments.

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