State begins issuing Real IDs

State begins issuing Real IDs

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The Office of Motor Vehicles began Monday issuing Real ID compliant licenses.

Boarding your flight at any airport requires a quick check through security, a boarding pass and a form of ID.

Starting in 2020, you'll need two forms to get past the TSA and on your way to your gate for any domestic flight.

It is a post 9/11 response by Washington to curb forged identification.

Residents in Louisiana will be able to walk into any OMV with their birth certificate or valid passport, along with a social security card, to get a Real ID.

This Real ID will be an accepted form when you are traveling through security anywhere around the United States.

One traveler calls it a good idea.

"I travel all the time, so for me, I don't have any issues with it because if it helps expedite the process for me and ensure that I can get your security at other airports. I'm fine with it," said Jennifer Vicknair.

It is not a requirement, still an option for Louisiana residents, the result of a law signed by Governor John Bel Edwards back in June.

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