Kittens and puppies help give the homeless a face

Kittens and puppies help give the homeless a face

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Jonathan Ross might not be able to tell you where he'll end up.

"I don't know, I never know. I didn't know I was gonna be here six months ago," he said. "Just because we're homeless, doesn't mean we're hopeless."

He's taking his newfound skill for videography with him. He's a disciple at the New Orleans Mission and he picked up a camera, learned to shoot and he's putting his skills to work putting a face to homelessness.

"Every one of the people, like the animals, have a story, have a past," said David Botten, executive director at the Mission.

He's hoping stories like Jonathan's will be told through the faces of cats and dogs at the Louisiana SPCA.

"Hopefully people can look at these men and women in a different light as they would look at a homeless dog or a cat."

Dale Lacour, another disciple at the Mission, posed with animals from the shelter.

"We're kind of beginning to look alike right now, know what I'm saying? Look! He's licking my ear," Lacour said.

The Mission and SPCA will auction photos taken of animals and people to raise money for both groups at a gala in December.

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