Saints Fans: Cam Newton crumbles like a cookie

Saints Fans: Cam Newton crumbles like a cookie

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Saints fans were on the edge of their seat all game, Sunday, but the final seconds made the fourth quarter anxiety worth it for Who Dat Nation.

"You just never know, it's like they tried to give us a trick or a treat, and they gave us a treat!" said Shedrick Roy, who watched the game at the Mercedes Benz Superdome.

"That's an NFL game baby, that's how it's played! You gotta take the bitter with the sweet, you know what I'm saying, but at the end, though, we won!" said a Saints fan who was dressed in a black and gold suit.

"It was so amazing! The cookie crumbled once again, the cookie crumbled," said Lolita Mire, who had a sign referring to Cam Newton as a trade-marked cookie.

The Panthers fans will tell you, though, their quarterback is more than a cookie, but even with a decimated defense, 'fruit and cake' couldn't do enough against the Saints.

"They look better, they ain't at 100-percent yet brother, but they're looking better,"  said Don Pierce, who was referring to the Saints defense.

"We should've maintained and did better, but we're doing fine, as long as we win the close ones, we're doing fine, it's all good," said Saints fan Jason Phillpott.

"It's a rebirth for the Saints, I see us going probably 11-5, confident, Who Dat!" said Kenya Heard, who was watching the game at the Superdome with friends.

That's the kind of confidence that can keep the fans coming back, even if it means more game finishes that'll keep your cardiologist on call.

"This is what Saints fans do, we go in and have our heart attacks, but in the end, we appreciate the win," said Saints fan Carnell Wright.

The Saints will face the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium Sunday Oct. 23.

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