Defense expected to mount case in Dexter Allen murder trial

Metairie double murder trial resumes

GRETNA, LA (WVUE) - Day four of testimony in the Dexter Allen murder trial kicks off at 10 a.m. in the Jefferson Parish Courthouse.

The prosecution plans to call another witness to the stand, but they could rest their case today, paving the way for Defense Attorney Jerome Matthews to start calling witnesses.

Allen is accused of killing David and Nicholas Pence inside their Metairie home in April of last year.

Deputies said he was on a crime spree when he entered the Pence home with a shotgun.

Jurors have heard from the wife and mother of the victims, who gave emotional testimony about finding them shot in their living room.

They've also seen graphic crime scene photos and on Friday, heard from a DNA expert that said Allen's DNA was found on the murder weapon.

The shotgun was found underneath his mother's house.

Yet, Friday, Allen's defense attorney indicated there's still room for doubt.

"Look, my client's DNA was on the gun. Well you know they said he couldn't be excluded as a contributor which basically means his DNA was on it," said Jerome Matthews, Allen's attorney. "But as we've sort of been maintaining, there's no time frame on when it was on it. They can't say when he touched it. They can't even say sort of exactly where on the weapon he did touch. It's consistent with him just holding it and never actually firing a trigger."

Since Allen's attorney didn't present an opening statement to the jury, it remains to be seen what type of defense he'll present.

The first defense witnesses could be called to the stand later today.

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