Hollygrove restaurant robbed while cameras rolled

Hollygrove restaurant robbed while cameras rolled

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A robber pointed a gun at a Hollygrove restaurant owner Monday night and got away with cash. It happened at the Red Star on Earhart near Carrollton as Gong Yao Wang was standing at his register.

"The guy just come in, walk in the door with the sunglasses. I saw he was not right, but I couldn't run away because my son was there," he said.

It was all caught on the surveillance cameras. A man in shades, a black hat, a grey hoodie, black jeans and black gloves came in around 9:20 p.m. as Wang was about to count his money. His 15-year-old son was nearby cleaning a table when the robber pulled out a gun.

"He said give him the money, give him the money!"

It was an hour before closing and the restaurant had no customers. The robber got away with $300.

There are cameras everywhere outside the strip of businesses.

"Holy moly! It's scary. It's right next door!" said Aubin Wender who owns LA Smokehouse.

Her business has only been open about seven months, and news of the robbery was something she wanted to hear.

"We have new building managers putting up more light and stuff, too," she said.

Wang wasn't scared - he's been through this before. He said he has been robbed two times at the restaurant and once while delivering food.

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