Euric Cain takes plea deal for 50 years

Euric Cain takes plea deal for 50 years

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The trial of Euric Cain was set to begin Monday in Orleans Parish Criminal Court, however the defendant took a plea deal moments before the trial started.

Cain will serve 50 years without parole concurrently for every charge against him, including attempted first-degree murder

Cain is accused of multiple crimes including the attempted murder of a Tulane University Medical school student and the rape of a couple police and prosecutors say he kidnapped.

Cain is accused of shooting Tulane medical student Peter Gold last November. That incident was caught on a Lower Garden District surveillance camera.

Prosecutors say the next day he carjacked a couple and then raped them.

When he appeared before a judge earlier this month, Cain was offered a plea deal for those crimes, a deal which prosecutors said would be on the table until the trial officially started.

"He was offered an opportunity to enter a plea of guilty to the charge of attempted murder as well as a charge of second-degree rape: two counts, also a charge of sexual battery," said Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro. "The total number of years that he was offered in exchange for his plea of guilty would have been 50 years."

Peter Gold released a statement Monday saying, "I am thankful for the hard work of law enforcement and the District Attorney's office in New Orleans. They have been professional throughout and have taken this traumatic incident and successfully brought this man to justice. My thoughts and prayers are with the other victims; we have all been through much this year. I also remain thankful to all who supported me, Tulane University and the staff at University Medical Center for saving my life and continuing to do their amazing work every day in our community."

Cain is due back in court Oct. 31 for sentencing.

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