Jail suicide subject of criminal justice committee meeting

Jail suicide subject of criminal justice committee meeting

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A New Orleans city councilwoman wants to know why a 15-year-old committed suicide inside the Orleans Parish Jail.

The issue will be discussed later today at a special meeting called by Susan Guidry.

Deputies say Jaquin Thomas used a mattress cover to hang himself last Monday.

But his family wants to know why the 15-year-old was left alone so long that he was able to do this.

Thomas was remembered Sunday night during a vigil in front of criminal court.

Police say Thomas was in jail on a second-degree murder charge plus aggravated battery.

They say it stems from a murder in New Orleans East back in July.

After Thomas' suicide, Guidry called for a special criminal justice committee meeting to be held, to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death, as well as the transfer of youth to the adult jail facility.

Thomas' family says there are many more questions than answers.

"He was innocent, and he was a child and he should not have been put in that type of predicament," said Trina Taylor. "It was just too much for him. It was very overwhelming."

The sheriff's office says it's still investigating Thomas' death.

Today's criminal justice committee meeting takes place later this afternoon at City Hall.

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