Voodoo Fest parking changes include new Uber lot

Voodoo Fest parking changes include new Uber lot

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Workers are transforming City Park for one of the city's biggest music festivals, and the set-up is changing traffic patterns.

It's three days before the festival, and Christian Brothers school looks like a walled city. If you are trying to cut through City Park on Friedrichs Avenue, you better consider other options. Workers have shut down dozens of park acres for the set up of Voodoo Fest, and that means some road closures and the closure of the three-quarter-mile walking path around Big Lake.

"I don't know what they're doing up till November 5th," said walker Ferron Keller.

The boat rental area is also closed.

"Basically all the streets adjacent to the festival grounds are closed," said park spokesman John Hopper.

This year, there are parking changes for Voodoo Fest. The parking lot next to the botanical gardens is now an Uber lot.

"If you Uber, you don't have to worry about parking or drinking, it's the way to go," said Hopper.

Though exercising in the park isn't quite as simple as it used to be, park officials say there are still plenty of other areas where you can work out.

"Just north of Harrison you have all of Couturie Forest and Scout Island, or the ancient oaks around City Park Avenue," said Hopper.

Walkers say they do have options.

"It's a big park and there are other parks, so I can't imagine it's a major inconvenience," said a walker named Joe who was visiting from Cincinnati.

"Audubon Park is the best, then Lafrienere park," said Keller.

The festival is an important one to a city that prides itself on it's musical culture and a park that needs the revenue.

"It's a significant player for the budget for the year," said Hopper.

With groups like Cage the Elephant and Arcade Fire coming in, many believe the inconvenience is worth it.

Anyone going to Voodoo Fest this weekend is advised to avoid Wisner Boulevard. The overpass at I-610 it still closed and is expected to be rebuilt by the spring. The roads around the fest in the park will likely remain closed for at least a week.

The festival begins Friday.

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