Lambo driver accuses Uptown surgeon of sexual relationship with office manager

Lambo driver accuses Uptown surgeon of sexual relationship with a office manager

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Dr. Ali Sadeghi filed a civil lawsuit last month against Jason Adams. Both men are already involved in separate criminal cases.

Sadeghi is charged with raping his former wife, and Adams is accused in a fatal Lamborghini crash. In a bizarre twist, the Lamborghini, driven by Adams, was leased to Dr. Sadeghi.

"Obviously that didn't just happen because they had a loose connection to each other. You wouldn't let someone drive your car like that unless you had some type of connection to them," attorney Robert Hjortsberg said.

According to the civil lawsuit, Adams, through his business, Elite Investment Group, handled the books for Sadeghi's plastic surgery firm.

"Essentially, Jason Adams was handling all of his finances and keeping his books. He's essentially saying that he converted $3.7 million for his own use,"  Hjortsberg said.

Also in the lawsuit, Sadeghi alleges Adams forged his signature on a $2 million check drawn from the doctor's account. Sadeghi alleges he confronted Adams about it, and Adams promised to repay the money, but never did. The lawsuit goes on to say that Adams used the money to purchase property in Hammond.

Adam's attorney, David Courcelle, said he filed a response to the lawsuit in court Wednesday.

"It's really an answer to the original suit saying this is actually where the money came from and why these payments were made and so forth," Hjortsberg said.

According to the response, "Sadeghi engaged Adams to help him with a very sensitive matter as a result of an intimate sexual relationship that Sadeghi has with his office manager."

It goes on to say, "Sadeghi directed Adams to purchase a new computer for the employee and to write checks amounting to 357 thousand dollars."

"That severance package, instead of being paid out of Sadeghi's account, was paid out of Adams' account, and then the doctor reimbursed him," Hjortsberg said.

As for the $2 million, the response indicates it was a loan to purchase property, and that Sadeghi agreed to it.

"Now, of course, all of this will come out in discovery, if it gets that far," Hjortsberg said.

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