A New You: A Hammond woman changed her life with inspiration from love and sexy lingerie

New You: Woman goes through shocking transformation

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A Hammond woman changed her life with inspiration from love and sexy lingerie.

For decades, being fat was the only life Amy Mount had ever known.

"Second grade I weighed 120, third grade 130. I just got bigger and bigger," Mount said.

She lived with your grandmother who cooked spaghetti every Sunday.

"Just a plate full of food and then seconds," she said.

Over the years she continued to gain weight.

"I was tortured in middle school," she said.

She imagined having self-esteem, like burlesque dancers who wore sexy lingerie and seemed to love their bodies.

"I've always loved that look. The personality. The lifestyle. Just the flashy not caring and just being confident as a woman, you know," she said.

She fell in love and married Corbett Mount in 2012.

"I was up to 256 was the number I remember," Mount said. "After we got married I was so happy and I felt good and I think maybe that was a motivator. Like, ok, I feel good. I feel positive. I can do this."

Over the next couple of years of cutting back, she lost 120 pounds focusing on portion control.

"I lost a majority of it on the program the 21-day fix. It completely changed my life," she said.

The booklet comes with a list of different foods and calculations figure out how many containers of each color you can correspond to weight.

"I wouldn't be able to do it without Corbett and seeing people noticing and I've been able to keep it off for the most part. My lowest has been 140 pounds.

Mount's dream of being a sexy burlesque queen in lingerie came true.

She was able to give her husband him the burlesque dance.

"Well, I think he enjoyed it. I made him a card Valentine's Day with one of my pictures from the photo shoot with my little heart in front of me. So he loved me regardless."

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