Student punched, tossed into traffic during carjacking on Gentilly Blvd.

Student punched, tossed into traffic during carjacking on Gentilly Blvd.

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "People want to say, 'I love this city,' but the direction this city is going in, I'm not happy," says a carjacking victim

The UNO student says he isn't happy after being attacked at 4 p.m. Wednesday along a very busy stretch of Gentilly Boulevard. He says he was driving along in a 2010 Dodge Challenger when he was suddenly bumped from behind.

"It was hard enough to jolt me forward. They pulled up next to me to see what I was doing. I said, 'Pull over.' I got out of the car and looked at the back of the car. When I stood up, there were four guys," says the victim.

The victim says the suspects surrounded him. He says he was hit from the front, and then from behind before they grabbed him and tossed him into on-coming traffic.

"Cars are swerving around me, and then I stand up to try to run after them but my car was gone," says the victim.

His car, along with all of his possessions, including his cell phone, computer and school books, were stolen. The victim says he repeatedly tried to flag someone down for help, but for a while, no one would stop.

"The street was completely full. The bus stop had a ton of people waiting for the bus. I was literally running into the street with my hands in the air, screaming for help," says the victim.

He says, eventually, a man did stop and he called 911.

He also called his father to tell him what had happened.

"The city of New Orleans is not going forward, it's going backwards. It's like the Wild Wild West out here. " says the victim's father.

The victim's father says he arrived on the scene to find his son beaten and robbed.

"There's not a crime camera on this street. The mayor wants to put traffic cameras to make money. I understand that, but not crime cameras, and they need to concentrate on crime and its citizens," says the victim's father.

"This was planned. This was not a first time gig. I mean, they were quick. I couldn't even lift my hands," says the victim.

Both the victim and his father hope the suspects are caught because they worry others will become victims.

"The fear is for all the other parents that have children in this city that go to school," says the victim's father.

So far, police say they’re investigating but have been unable to find video. They’re asking for the public’s help to find the victim’s 2010 Dodge Challenger with Louisiana license plate number XUU409.

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