Euric Cain sentenced to 50 years in prison for shooting med student, raping couple

Euric Cain sentenced

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Euric Cain, who pled guilty to shooting a Tulane University med student and kidnapping raping a couple, was sentenced today to 54 years in prison.

Cain received 50 years for the rape of the couple and shooting Peter Gold. He received an additional four years on charges stemming from a prison fight he was involved in.

Though Cain showed no emotion during the sentencing hearing, which included statements from victims.

Peter Gold, who is now living in New York City, took the stand during the sentencing hearing.

Gold said he is still in disbelief over the events that took place the night he was shot.

"What if he had circled around the block one or two more times before he attacked that girl,?" Gold asked rhetorically. "What if the security camera didn't catch his license plate? Would he be sitting here today?"

If the gun hadn't jammed "would I be here today?"

Gold told the court sitting in the courtroom hurts.

"This individual act affects not just me," he said. It "...created so much trauma for my family."

Gold, crying on the stand, he expressed sympathy for Cain's two other victims.

Members of Gold's family in the courtroom were crying, as were the other victims.

"I ignored city's violence until you showed me the abrupt reality," he said. "I've dedicated the rest of my life to change this culture.

"We can all be better and together we can all be stronger," he said.

The couple Cain raped also testified at the hearing about how demoralizing the incident was.

"Our whole lives were destroyed over it," he said. "We will get past it, but man, it was destructive, so destructive."

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