TONIGHT on FOX 8 - Bike Laws and a Boxing Grandmother

Make sure to tune into FOX 8 News TONIGHT as we show just exactly why it is important to follow the rules of the road and clarify what exactly they are when it comes to bikers. This, followed by a touching and inspiring story of a local woman and her husband creatively fighting off the wares of Parkinson's through unconventional means.

FOX 8 Defenders presents...

Bike Safety - 9p

Who has the right of way? So many motorists remain angry when they see bikers on the road, but are bikes even allowed to ride on the sidewalk? Whether you are a biker or a driver, educate yourself on the rules of the road TONIGHT.

Fight of Her Life - 10p


She's in her 70's and has Parkinson's. Her loving husband wanted her to fight for her life... literally. Learn how this defensive skills are helping her to cope with her illness. This woman and others are tough on many levels.