New Orleans neighborhood suffers mosquito onslaught

New Orleans neighborhood suffers mosquito onslaught

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The residents of the Venetian Isles neighborhood in New Orleans East are under siege by a legion of mosquitoes ready to blanket bare skin and even invade homes.

"They had mosquitoes all over," Garry Fehn, a resident of the neighborhood, described. "I had to spray them all over in the house to kill them in the house, that's how many got inside, going in the door, in and out."

That was Halloween night when there was a ton of activity in the neighborhood, but even on a quieter evening, the onslaught of blood-sucking biters is evident as mosquitoes pepper legs and arms, leaving residents swatting for relief.

"They were all over the place, they were in my hair, on my back, even biting through the clothes. We even sprayed ourselves with the deet spray and they were getting past that," Cheryl Kelly, a resident, explained.

"It's getting worse, every year it seems to get worse and right now, this is just horrible," Cleve Bell, the president of the Venetian Isles Neighborhood Association, said.

The city says it's continuing to monitor the problem, but knows the intensity of mosquitoes, which often breed in tidal floodwaters in the Venetian Isles areas, can vary based on tidal levels and temperature.

It's why they're spraying aerially and by truck through the neighborhood, but Bell doesn't think it's enough.

"Unfortunately you can't come out during this time of the night to do anything, otherwise you're going to get eaten up and it's because there's no preventative measures being taken, or not adequate preventative measures being taken," Bell said.

"They need to spray here. They used to spray over the marsh and pass several times, while it's dry to maybe take care of the problem," Kelly said.

The city will continue to spray using a truck and a plane, but the residents can't help but feel trapped in their homes, hoping for more relief from the city.

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