Happening Today: Tuition concerns raised at state universities

Happening Today: Concerns about state college tuition

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Education officials are saying unfounded fears among voters led to the failure of a constitutional amendment concerning college tuition in Louisiana.

Some feared what could happen if college boards had that much power without any oversight from the legislature.

There were concerns about higher tuition being put into place and even the fear that universities could charge more for certain degrees over others.

The vote comes as the state is in a serious budget crisis and is struggling to find money to fund higher education.

The commissioner for the state board of higher education says he thinks a lot of the fears of voters, are unfounded.

Dr. Joseph Rallo says now that the amendment has failed, the pressure is back on lawmakers to come up with the money these colleges and universities need.

For some colleges and universities budget cuts have already taken effect.

Earlier this month, university presidents met with the Board of Regents to discuss possible mid-year budget cuts.

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