Happening Today: City Park plans to be unveiled tonight

Happening Today: Plans for parts of City Park unveiled tonight

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Potential plans for the development of a large section of City Park could be released today.

Public input was considered and over 1,000 submissions were received.

The area under consideration is in the center of the park including the area bounded west to east by Scout Island to Wisner Boulevard and north to south by Harrison Avenue to I-610.

Planners are working on a master plan for the area.

A workshop was held about a month ago. In that workshop, about 150 citizens broke into smaller groups to present their ideas of what should be done with the land.

Some ideas were turning it into fields for soccer or lacrosse use. Another idea was to give it to Boy Scouts to use for camping.

Right now, there are vacant fields and dock in the area, some residents have even suggested leaving it as it is.

"Whether you want to picnic, walk your dog or casual jog without the traffic, it's available for everyone to use," said Joe Burback.

"There's people who just play golf, play Frisbee, play little lawn sports and it's nice having a free open environment to do that without a specific designation for that area like a dog park or field or stadium of some sort," said park user Matt Kennedy.

A public meeting to present the plans to the public is scheduled for tonight at 6 p.m.

The meeting will be in the Arbor Room at Popp Fountain which is on Diagonal Drive after turning from Zachary Taylor Drive.

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