Workout Wednesday: After Thanksgiving medicine ball blast

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Updated: Nov. 30, 2016 at 12:47 PM CST
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The holidays are here but that doesn't mean you have a reason to slack on your workout routine.

Fitness Professional Raschad Kelly demonstrates a medicine ball circuit workout to help burn calories fast.

Burpees to medicine ball slam:

Grab the medicine ball and bring it overhead and slam it into the ground. Next, kick both legs back into a plank position, stand up grabbing the ball overhead and slam again. This exercise can be done for 10 reps. Try using an 8-pound medicine ball for beginners, 12-pound for intermediate and 15-pound for advance. This exercise works the lower body, shoulders and core.

Squat jump to throw:

Keeping the medicine ball by the chest, squat and jump as far as you can while releasing the ball from your hands at the same time. Your goal is to throw the ball as far as you can to the wall. Next, sprint following the ball and repeat the exercise from the beginning. This is a full body workout that works on explosiveness targeting the lower body, chest, core. Beginners can try starting off with an 8-pound ball,12-pound ball for intermediate and a 15-pound ball for advanced levels of fitness.

Seated hip toss: Sit down on the floor keeping both feet off the ground. Tap medicine ball on the ground to the left of you and then turn around to throw to your partner standing to the right of you. After you've worked the left side, have partner stand to the left of you and repeat the exercise on the opposite side. This works the core, shoulders and obliques. Try doing this exercise for 30 seconds with even reps on each side. Depending on your fitness level, try using an 8-pound medicine ball for beginners, 12-pound ball for intermediate and 15-pound for advanced levels of fitness.

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