Sugar Bowl fans find safe haven on Bourbon

Rain doesn't dampen Sugar Bowl 'blowout'

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A soggy evening on Bourbon Street couldn't stop Sugar Bowl fans from enjoying all the French Quarter has to offer.

Some Auburn fans said when the rain started pouring, they weren't fazed.

"We're, you know, we're hard-edge guys, you know? We like to go through it, we don't like to mess around with the weather or anything, we just like to go through it," said Auburn fan Jack Isherwood.

Other fans thought the weather was a little more noticeable but wouldn't let it spoil their weekend, finding cover or dashing into a bar for a quick drink.

"It's been raining all weekend but we just said you know what let's get ponchos and enjoy it and make the most of it," said Auburn fan Carly Bond.

Some Sugar Bowl visitors couldn't get enough of the Crescent City, rain or shine. They said while some cities might only have enough fun for one night, the party in New Orleans makes it through the weekend.

"Absolute blowout!" said Matt Bates, an Auburn fan who took time to get his face painted. "This is what I think about trips: The first night is always a blowout and then you go from there. In New Orleans, it's a two-night town, you got two nights and in New Orleans always a blowout both nights."

While the fans are all here for a football game, it's clear they're eager to make it back out to Bourbon, win or lose.

"Either/or, either/or! You got to cope somehow, you got to celebrate somehow, why not do it on Bourbon Street?" said James Skelly, an Oklahoma fan.

New Orleans police alongside State Troopers saturated the Quarter as well, blocking off an eight-block stretch of Bourbon for pedestrian safety as part of their continuing holiday security package.

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